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SECALEAP is a genuine Brazilian Aeronautical Maintenance Organization that relies on highly expert and qualified professionals, duly and permanently trained, besides facilities and material resources adequate to carry out operations with efficiency, quality and safety.

SECALEAP offers to the aeronautical market its expertise in the activities of Maintenance Engineering in Aeronautical Components, such as salvage systems, whose knowledge and know-how in such activities have motivated OEMs such as the reputable ZODIAC Aerospace to designate SECALEAP as its exclusive Authorized Repair Station in Latin America.

Beyond its notorious expertise, SECALEAP relies on the international experience and robustness of the SECAMIC Group, a reputable French group that has a solid and successful background in the worldwide aeronautical market, with a consistent participation and remarkable results in several important processes involving intelligent solutions for military and civilian operators around the world.

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In addition to its own capacity, SECALEAP also counts on the precious and absolutely efficient technical support of the company LEAP, a Brazilian repair shop "twin brother" of SECALEAP that has been standing out in the Aeronautical market for being extremely efficient and whose respective results have been translated by the satisfaction of its customers, and by the highest level of quality and reliability on its provided services.

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DNA for the excellence

SECALEAP is duly certified by ANACNational Civil Aviation Agency according to RBAC-145 (similar to Part 145) and it will be soon audited according to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.


SECALEAP, a company fully aware about its purposes and responsibilities in the condition of Aeronautical Maintenance Organization; determined to be positioning and consolidating itself as absolute reference of quality, commitment and reliability; and sensitive to the needs and legitimate expectations of its clients and the market.



because evolving is good

SECALEAP presents an effective capacity to develop efficient Engineering activities involving the design of new equipment for laboratories and tests duly customized in order to fulfill the clients’ needs and technical requirements on their most high level of complexity and accuracy.

In this sense, SECALEAP really also counts on its notorious Engineering capacity in order to permanently move towards its Continuous Improvements Program (CIP) and Reliability Growth Plan (RGP), through a planned evaluation of the results provided by its equipment and the consequent analysis of the feasibility of their technical upgrade, everything internally executed, and duly approved after a meticulous try-out and consequent setup checking the repeatability of reliable results.


a matter of ethics and consciousness

As it should be, SECALEAP develops its routine activities under the most absolute conformity to the technical procedures according to the applicable OEM’s technical publications and rigorously under the strict adherence to aeronautical regulations, and, in addition to such unshakable basis and technical behavior, everything in accordance with the concepts of the good practices of operational and administrative management according to the International Standards of Quality Management System.



Salvage Systems

Salvage Systems

Emergency Flotation Systems

Emergency Flotation Systems


Over 20 years providing solutions for the military and civil aviation sectors, the SECAMIC Group is a notorious reference in reliability in the supply of critical items, from OEM spare parts to Military Aircraft, including highly specialized MRO, with evident success in more than 22 countries.

The unshakeable ethical-corporative stance of the Group has granted to SECAMIC a recognized background, endorsed by global players that integrate the portfolio of its reputable represented companies, among them: SAFRAN (Messier - Bugatti - Dowty and Sagem), RAFAUT, SAFT and ZODIAC Services. The relationship with ZODIAC Services motivated the SECAMIC Group to firmly invest in a unit in Brazil, located in the city of São José dos Campos, state of São Paulo, cradle of aerospace culture and technology in Brazil, whose respective core business is the development of maintenance activities in Aeronautical Components, such as Salvage Systems as the Emergency Floats produced by ZODIAC for instance.

With subsidiaries already in full operation in the world, including in Brazil (SECAMIC Brasil), SECAMIC Group is proud for having created SECALEAP Aeronautical Services, the exclusive ZODIAC Aerospace Authorized Repair Station in Latin America. SECALEAP is company that was born not only from the conviction of the consolidated experience and qualification of the SECAMIC Group, as also from the determination that, besides knowing how to do what must be done by the right way, the SECAMIC Group knows how to think, plan and implement its strategic actions in the right way and efficiently.

Bertrand Lucereau


Chairman & President of the SECAMIC Group

“All decisions of the SECAMIC Group are taken after careful studies and analyzes of the most diverse nature, and with all of our determination they always aim to offer and deliver to our customers the highest level of excellence and reliability in our products and services. This is the trademark of the SECAMIC Group. And this is the DNA of SECALEAP.” Bertrand Lucereau Bertrand Lucereau


Alert to the needs of the Brazilian and South American markets, and aiming to serve them fully and efficiently, in 2012 the SECAMIC Group created its Brazilian subsidiary “SECAMIC Brasil”, a company with a natural vocation for logistical supply solutions for civilian and military operators, with a technical reliability assured by the OEMs, as well presenting extreme commercial competitiveness, enabling its customers to achieve their acquisitions processes with absolute speed, efficiency and transparency.

Hubert Marceul


Director of SECAMIC Brasil

“Working for almost 40 years in the corporate and business world, particularly in sectors of a technical nature, I have learned and I respect a value that I consider fundamental for the development of sound, respectful and lasting technical and commercial relationships: sensitivity! Being sensitive to the realities of each market, each client and, of course, each country is more than a virtue of who really proposes and intends not only to be just one more in the market, it is a duty!" Hubert Marceul Hubert Marceul


For over 10 years in operation, LEAP Comercial e Serviços is a genuinely Brazilian company specializing in Maintenance and Sale of Aeronautical Equipment, with a clear and proven vocation for Innovation in the Aeronautical Maintenance Engineering environment. A company with young spirit, highly specialized technical personnel and speed in the delivery of results, LEAP is prepared to meet the most diverse demands in Aeronautical Maintenance for the civil and military markets.

Having on its portfolio of customers fixed and rotating wing operators, LEAP has developed a solid technical-commercial relationship with airlines, off-shore, air taxi, as well as with the Armed Forces, working effectively and efficiently throughout the whole national territory. Consecutively awarded with the "TOP Engineering Award”, granted by AEAEE-UFMG (Association of Former Students of the Engineering School of the Federal University of the state of Minas Gerais), LEAP has demonstrated its consolidation and excellence as an Aeronautical Maintenance Organization, through its full and well-known capacity for the execution of aeronautical maintenance services, with emphasis on the strict compliance with the regulations and in accordance with the national and international standards of Flight Safety, fruit of the most absolute and unshakable conscience of its responsibilities, as evidenced by the following certifications:

EASA – European Aviation Safety Agency

ANAC – National Civil Aviation Agency

DIRMAB – Directorate of Aeronautical and Defense Material (Brazilian Air Force)

DMAvEx – Directorate of Army Aviation Material (Brazilian Army)

DAerM – Directorate of Aeronautics of the Nay (Brazilian Navy)

Leonardo Rodrigues


Founder and CEO of LEAP

“From the day I was caught up in my passion for the 'aeronautical world', and then I decided to dedicate my professional efforts to the development of a solid and trustworthy Aeronautical Maintenance Company, I always had in mind that it is something much more than serious, it’s an issue about the deepest respect for the life! Thus, this is the unison of thinking and acting, full of consciousness that works as the guideline with which all of us from LEAP dedicate our knowledge, our multiform experiences and our notorious skills every day of hard and rewarding work.” Leonardo Rodrigues Leonardo Rodrigues


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