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Ground Support Equipment

Ground Support Equipment (Tronair)

Aviation is one of the transportation means where It is  possible to transport people and cargo in an economical, fast, and very safe way. to make it works in a good shape and to carry out this type of  transport properly and safely, aviation activities count on ground and flight support equipment.

Today, we are going to know more about specialized equipment operated on the ground (Tronair), which is called Ground Support Equipment (GSE). According to the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC), these devices are necessary to support the operations in transport, reception, assembly, handling, inspection, verification and maintenance operations in services that take place at airports, before and after the flight.

These systems, which can be a specialized equipment or even vehicles, are used to service the aircraft between flights in order to assist the ground activities that are performed at airports, such as power supply, loading and unloading, fueling, mobility , maintenance, aircraft cleaning, among others. Thus, these operations need to happen quickly and safely to not delay the flight and to facilitate the assistance reducing the time the aircraft remains on the ground.

What are ground activities?

Ground activities are those that take place from the moment the aircraft arrives at the gate of the departure and arrival terminal until the moment of the next flight. There are several types of airport activities, including: landing / boarding, unloading / loading of luggage, fuelling, catering, cleaning, water and sanitation processes besides other items for consumption and the comfort of passengers and crew on board.

Types of Ground Support Equipment

Equipment or systems performed on ground activities that are divided into non-powered equipment and energized equipment. The ones without power are the wedges, used to prevent the aircraft from moving while it is parked, the stairs for passengers and support platforms, an airplane tripod jack, which is equipment used to support the stopped aircraft, helping its support, among others.

On the other hand, part of the activities that take place on the ground are carried out by electric vehicles that were designed to use engines that run on electric current and others by vehicles powered by fuel. Both are classified as powered equipment, which can be trucks, trailers and tractors.

It is worth noting that electric vehicles, suitable for transporting at airports, can be considered sustainable, as they reduce the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and reduce maintenance costs. It is estimated that the battery of an electric vehicle of this type has a durability up to 10 years and, in addition it emits  less noise and it is less polluting

A vehicle that performs airport operations can pull very heavy loads and even other transport equipment, such as those that pull containers with luggage, ladders, assistance equipment, such as the Ground Power Unit (GPU), air conditioning, etc.

In addition, there are vehicles that supply the aircraft with food, water and fuel, tractors and tugs that help to move cars and containers with luggage, vehicles that supply energy to the aircraft, such as the GPU, buses that transport people from an airport terminal to an aircraft and vice versa, vehicles that clean the restrooms and disinfect this location, among many others.

It is necessary to reinforce that these equipment and vehicles must undergo routine inspection and frequent maintenance, since airport procedures are essential to maintain and ensure aviation safety.

In addition, it is also necessary to mention that professionals who operate an airport operations vehicle or equipment need to receive constant qualification and training, as it is essential to know how a GSE works, how and where to operate or conduct it, what are the safety rules,traffic area speed and more.

The professional who operates the ground support vehicles must also take courses in defensive driving, to know well where they will be driving, the speed limits, etc. We know that air transport is one of the safest in the world and, for this to be maintained, it is essential to consider the operations take place at airports, their rules, the equipment, and the vehicles that carry out airport services.

So, if you work with Ground Support Equipment (Tronair), never forget to schedule inspection and maintenance for these devices, as aviation safety depends on them as well. Secaleap performs overhaul and repair services for aeronautical components and is certified by the manufacturers, which guarantees a qualified and specialized service. We have a complete tooling, and we offer parts stock, because, for us, all the components are important. So, if you want a safe and differentiated service, count on us to purchase and to maintain your Ground Support Equipment! Count on Secaleap!