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All components matter

Committed to each party

Services Provided in Brazil

Emergency floating

Inspection, overhaul, and repair of floats and boats for emergency situations.


DOT certification. Hydrostatic test performed with an advanced computerized system.

Power components

Authorized Service Center for Iacobucci coffee makers repair, operated in Embraer executive jets. In process of inclusion at ANAC of other components.

Service of group

Armoured aircraft

Respecting technical principles and high competence at repairs and equipment sophistication.

Helicopter modernization

Militarization or demilitarization of aircraft by using and handling controlled and restricted equipment.


Night vision

Controlled and restricted equipment of use. Set of integrated required and operational elements.


In the maintenance of emergency equipment, boats, floats, cylinders, and fire extinguishers.


Training and technicians’ expertise, ground support equipment GSE.


Use of original tools or tools certified by the manufacturers.


Same level of in-flight component performance from installation to scheduled removal.


Use of original manufacturer parts.


Permanent access to up-to-date technical publications.


Aircraft repair best practices.


Our agreements with manufacturers guarantee fast deliveries and maintenance of mandatory exchange parts stock.


All technicians are permanently subject to reviewing and updating processes through “training on the job.”


AWe play the role of providing logistical solutions for civil and military operators.


Commercial competitive in away our clients achieve their acquisition process with absolute optimization, efficiency, and transparency.


Secaleap is part of the Secamic Group, with a relevant global presence.

Keep growing always

SECALEAP also counts on its outstanding engineering capacity and continues to evolve with its Continuous Improvement Program (CIP) and Reliability Growth Plan (RGP), through a planned evaluation of the results provided by its equipment and the consequent analysis of its technical update feasibility, all conducted internally and duly approved after a meticulous configuration, verifying the repeatability of reliable results.

Components workshop

Secaleap is a workshop dedicated to the repair of emergency flotation equipment and oxygen cylinders, internationally recognized for the reliability of their services.

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